Teamhood version 1.4

Mentions in comments, ESC hot key for closing items and application improvements.

Mentions in comments

Teamhood version 1.4

From now it is even easier to communicate with your colleagues. When leaving a comment on a task use the @ symbol and start typing a colleagues name, this way you can tag them in your comment. The tagged team member will be notified and thus will react to your comment sooner. Making communication smoother and easier.

ESC hot key for work items

Teamhood version 1.4

With Teamhood version 1.4 closing the task detail window has become just a little easier. Now instead of having to press the x button in the upper right corner, you can simply hit the ‘ESC’ key on your keyboard and the task details will be closed. Giving you more flexibility and convenience when using Teamhood.

Application resilience improvements

Lastly, like all our updates, Teamhood version 1.4 comes in with various bug fixes and resilience improvements. So that you can handle projects with ease no matter their size or complexity. We are always working on improving Teamhood and creating the best user experience for our clients.

More on Teamhood

Feel like you still do not know all of Teamhood possibilities? Here is a short video outlining the main features – give it a look and you will become a project management expert in no time.

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