Teamhood version 1.46

Teamhood version 1.46 is now live with Multi-Workspace reports. Keep on reading to learn more or open Teamhood to explore the new feature by yourself.

Multi-Workspace Reports – Workload

teamhood version 1.46

Teamhood version 1.46 brings a new type of reporting – Multi-workspace reports. Which means you can now comfortably view and compare data from several workspaces at once.

The first report to get this upgrade is the Workload. Allowing you to view the workload of team members across several workspaces and thus effectively manage your resources.

teamhood version 1.46

To add a multi-workspace Workload report, click on the workspace name and choose ‘Reports’. From here, you will be able to create a new report and choose which information should be included. You can select which workspaces, team members, and tags will be included in the report.

You can create multiple reports, which gives you the opportunity to track separate projects or departments individually from one another.

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