Teamhood version 1.5

Item watchers, item card action menu on hover, full user name on avatar hover, additional item recurrence setting and large CSV file import improvements

Item watchers

teamhood version 1.5

The biggest news in Teamhood version 1.5 comes in the form of item watchers. From now on, you will not see an assignee and an owner in the details of each item card. Instead there will be an assignee and watchers where the creator of the task is automatically added as a watcher. Adding additional team members as watchers on any task will let them get all task notifications just like the assignee or an owner would. So you can get more team members involved in the process easily.

Item card action menu on hover

Item card hover actions

With Teamhood version 1.5 it is even easier to take control of your item cards. Hover over the selected card with your cursor and you can quickly mark it completed or add a schedule. Press the three dots to copy link, add a tag, start tracking or delete. All of these actions are now available right from your task board without opening the larger item details so you can mark the important information and keep working without an interruption.

Full user name on avatar hover

teamhood version 1.5

Another new hover feature in Teamhood version 1.5 is related to the user avatars. Seeing just the first letters of a persons name can sometimes be a little confusing, especially if you run a large team. So from now on you can hover on the user avatar and the full name of the assigned person will be displayed. Letting you check the information more quickly.

Additional item recurrence setting

item recurrence when completed

To help you take more control of the process, Teamhood version 1.5 is also enhanced with an additional item recurrence setting. From now you can check ‘Recur only when completed’ box so that only items that have been completed recur on the set schedule. Thus, if an item was not completed previously it would not recur and accumulate on the board taking up valuable space and time from your team.

If this setting is marked, the recurrence schedule stays the name – it is calculated from the time it was set, not from the completion time.

New workspace templates for Furniture manufacturing and OKRs

Start tracking your projects even faster – from now you can find two new templates in Teamhood. One to monitor the process of furniture manufacturing and the other to track the OKRs in your team workshops. Learn more about Teamhood templates here.

More on Teamhood

Feel like you still do not know all of Teamhood possibilities? Here is a short video outlining the main features – give it a look and you will become a project management expert in no time.

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