Teamhood version 1.50

Teamhood version 1.50 has just been released and this is a BIG one. With the newest version, we are introducing 4 new exciting features to make your processes more effective:

  1. Global item list report,
  2. Filtering by the completion date,
  3. New Kanban board editor,
  4. Quick zoom in and out for Kanban boards.

Open your Teamhood workspace and explore these new features or continue reading to learn more.

Item List Report

Item list report

With Teamhood version 1.50 we are expanding the multi-workspace report options by adding the Item List Report. Here, you will be able to view and analyze items from multiple workspaces in one place.

Use the advanced filters to pick which items will be shown and then adjust the information in this report by configuring which item fields to display.

teamhood version 1.50

To create an Item list report, press on the action menu next to your workspace name and select ‘Reports’. From here, you will be able to name your new report, specify which users can see it, and select which item locations to include. You can narrow down the items seen in the report by specifying:

  1. Item location (workspace, board, row)
  2. Item assignees
  3. Item tags
  4. Item schedule
  5. Item completion date

Item list report is a powerful new tool that allows you to easily review and analyze items located in multiple workspaces.

Completed On Filter for Reports

Complteted on filter

To make the navigation of the Item list report even easier, Teamhood version 1.50 is now equipped with a new filter – Completed on.

This allows you to specify which items are shown in the report by defining their completion date. Thus, giving you an opportunity to compare different time periods, track velocity, evaluate item complexity, and report to the stakeholders.

New Kanban Board Editor

Kanban board editor 2

Another big improvement you will see in Teamhood version 1.50 is the new Kanban board editor. Making it easier than ever before to customize the Kanban view to your liking. Now everyone on your team will be able to do it no questions asked.

In the new editor, you can create new statuses and rows, move them around or delete them altogether in a visual way. All statuses containing items will have an icon with the item number displayed, leading to a better understanding of which elements cannot be deleted.

Zoom In/Out on Kanban Board

Kanban board zoom

The fourth and last new feature in this release is the ability to zoom in and out on the Kanban board. Use it to quickly overview larger boards and navigate to the exact information that is interesting to you. When using this zoom, all other elements in Teamhood remain the same size, it is only the Kanban board that zooms in or out.

To utilize the zoom feature, use one of these 3 options:

Curious to learn what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page or watch the video tutorials to see what you might have missed. Or if you have ideas for what features we should add to Teamhood, follow the link below.

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