Teamhood version 1.51

Teamhood version 1.51 has just been released introducing 4 new features to your workspaces:

  1. URL Custom field
  2. Multiselect items in Timeline and Workload views
  3. Item action menu in Timeline and Workload views
  4. API improvements

Open your Teamhood workspace and explore these new features or continue reading to learn more.

New Custom Field – URL

teamhood version 1.51

Teamhood version 1.51 introduces a new custom field for your items – URL. Use this field to quickly share information or resources via adding URLs to your tasks. Once you add the custom field to your workspace, it will be visible in the item details by default, however, that is not all.

teamhood version 1.51

You can see this new clickable field in your List, Gantt, and Kanban views. To do so, ‘Customize’ your view and choose for the URL custom field to be shown. Now you will be able to see and click on the links directly from your favorite view.

Multiselect Items in Workload and Timeline Views

teamhood version 1.51

With the newest Teamhood version, you are now also able to manage multiple items in Workload and Timeline views. Hover over the item to see the multiselect button and then pick all the items you wish to edit.

You will be able to perform these actions on all the selected items at once:

Item Action Menu in Timeline and Workload Views

teamhood version 1.51

Another improvement for the Timeline and Workload views comes in the form of an item action menu. You may have already noticed, that when hovering over an item in these views, you can see an action menu icon. By pressing on it, you will be able to quickly update the most important information on any single item in these views.

Here is what you can do right from the menu without opening the item details:

API Improvements

Last but not least, Teamhood version 1.51 comes in with 3 API improvements. From now on, you will be able to:

  1. Change your item status via API
  2. Manage tags via API
  3. Get the last item update time field from API

Open your workspace settings to set up your API integration and try out these features.

Curious to learn what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page or watch the video tutorials to see what you might have missed. Or if you have ideas for what features we should add to Teamhood, follow the link below.

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