Teamhood version 1.53

Teamhood version 1.53 has just been released introducing 6 new features to your workspaces. Here is what you will find in the newest release:

  1. Folders in the side menu
  2. Home page V3
  3. Custom field reordering
  4. Collapse/Expand all rows
  5. Compact mode for Timeline
  6. Pages as child elements for Boards

Open your Teamhood workspace and explore these new features, or continue reading to learn more.

Side Menu Folders

teamhood version 1.53

With Teamhood version 1.53 you can now create folders in the side menu. With the help of this new feature, you will be able to better organize and categorize both boards and pages.

To create a new folder, press the + next to your workspace name and choose ‘Create Folder’. Give the folder a name and you are all set up!

teamhood side menu

Use the folders to categorize and store your task boards and pages. Simply drag&drop the existing content onto the folder or create a new one. This will give your workspace a more organized look and will ease navigation for the whole team. Moreover, each folder can contain other folders, allowing you to create a multi-level structure when needed.

Home Page V3

teamhood home page

Teamhood version 1.53 has a renewed home page layout that will help you navigate more quickly. Here you will be able to see all of your workspaces, reports, and agenda right as you begin the workday.

The ‘My Agenda’ section visualizes what you should be doing now, which items are late, and what is coming up next. You can also adjust the width and height of the 3 sections to make them better fitted for your information.

Custom Field Reordering


Another improvement you will find in Teamhood version 1.53 is the ability to change the order of the custom fields in the item details and on the Kanban cards. Thus allowing you to move more frequently used fields higher and the less important fields lower.

To adjust the custom field order, open the workspace settings and navigate to the custom fields. You can also do this, by opening the item details and choosing ‘Configure fields’. In the settings menu, you can simply drag and drop the custom fields to create the correct order for you.

Collapse/Expand All Rows

teamhood version 1.53

Need to quickly find a specific row on a large board? You can now collapse and expand all rows with just one click. This new feature works in Kanban, Gantt, List, Workload, and Timeline views. All you have to do is locate the Collapse/Expand All button at the top left corner.

Compact Mode for Timeline

timeline compact mode

This next new feature will be useful for those wanting to see more of the Timeline view on a smaller screen. You can now take advantage of the Compact mode and see more of the Timeline fitted in the same view withouht having to change the scale.

This new option is placed under the ‘Customize’ menu.

Pages as Child Elements for Boards

teamhood version 1.53

Lastly, with Teamhood version 1.53 you can add Pages as Child elements for specific boards. Use this feature to easily share and organize the information required for each specific project.

You can drag and drop already existing Pages or create new ones from the action menu next to the board name.

Curious to learn what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page or watch the video tutorials to see what you might have missed. Or if you have ideas for what features we should add to Teamhood, follow the link below.

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