Teamhood version 1.58

Teamhood version 1.58 is now live introducing – a full item path in item details, 2-level grouping by tag/user in Workload view, and board cloning with custom views.

Continue reading to learn more about the new features.

Item Path in Item Details

teamhood version 1.58

In Teamhood version 1.58 you will see the full item path in the item details. The information is displayed in the following order:

  1. Workspace name
  2. Board name
  3. Row name
  4. Parent item name
  5. Item name

All the path steps are clickable allowing you to navigate between parent and child items easily.

2-Level Grouping by Tag/User in Workload

workload grouping

With the latest release, you will also be able to use 2-level grouping by tag/user Workload view. Allowing you to see all of the items grouped by tags and team members.

Improved Board Cloning

board cloning

In Teamhood version 1.58 you will also find improvements when cloning your boards. Now, a cloned board will include custom views from the original, making the transition process much smoother and faster.

Curious to learn what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page or review previous release notes to see what you might have missed. Or if you have ideas for what features we should add to Teamhood, follow the link below.

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