Teamhood version 1.6

Improved work item details, work item block and cloning, preview of attached images, improved Timesheet export and new color palette

Work item details update

teamhood work item

Teamhood version 1.6 comes with redesigned work item details that are optimized for less space and more usability. In this version, you will only see dependency, child item, and attachment windows if this information is added to the work item. Otherwise, the windows will be collapsed for easier scrolling and navigation.

Teamhood version 1.6 work item

If you want to move a work item to a different board, row or column, this can be done from the detail window as well. At the very top of the work item details, you will see three arrows pointing to the task number. The first arrow represents the task board, second – the row and third – the column in which the task is right now. Click on any of these arrows and you can quickly change the location of the work item.

Work item block

Teamhood version 1.6

Teamhood version 1.6 makes it easier for you to control what is happening on your task board by introducing the ability to block work items. Once a work item is blocked it cannot be moved or completed, indicating to other team members there is an issue that has to be solved.

To block a work item open the task details and press ‘Block item’ in the upper right corner. The card color will change to red and an additional tag ‘Item blocked’ will be seen on the task board. If you need to unblock a work item, open the details once again and press ‘Unblock’.

Work item cloning in quick menu

teamhood verion 1.6 item clone

Ever found yourself making a copy of a work item or needing to add a clone of a certain work item to the task board? With Teamhood version 1.6 you are now able to quickly clone any item on your task board. Simply hover over the chosen work item to reveal the quick menu, open the additional features, and press ‘Clone item’. A replica will be added next to the original work item, letting you to continue working without having to make duplicates of work items you already have.

Preview of attached images

image preview

Quickly finding the right files attached to work items is important, this is why starting with Teamhood version 1.6 you can see previews of attached images. From now on, if you click on a file that is an image, instead of an instant download, you will be able to see a preview of that file on your screen. Thus, allowing you to find the right file before downloading it.

Timesheet report export with additional information

Teamhood version 1.6 aims to give you all the information you might need for your work in one place. Thus, from now on when exporting a Timesheet report you will be able to see additional information. First, you will see the board and row names for the tracked task, making it easier to allocate the tracked time. Moreover, we are now also including the task tags so the navigation and information retrieval are even easier. Now you can sort the information in the exported report, just like you would in Teamhood.

Improved color palette and small bug fixes

Just like previously, Teamhood version 1.6 comes in with various small improvements and bug fixes. One of the most noticeable being the improved color palette for work items and columns. Striving you to bring not only an effective, but also a beautiful tool to use for managing projects.

Learn more about Teamhood features here or watch a video explaining how to being using Teamhood and start managing your projects more effectively today.

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