Teamhood version 1.60

Teamhood version 1.60 is now live introducing a completely new search experience that includes workspaces, item descriptions, and filtering the results.

You will also find the ability to share customized board views and an option to remove the ‘Completion Mark’ button.

Continue reading to learn more about the new features.

New Teamhood Search Experience

teamhood version 1.60

The biggest change in Teamhood version 1.60 comes in the form of a new search dialog. With it, you can search all workspaces, including item titles, descriptions, and comments, and refine the results by sorting and filtering.

Open the new search dialog by expanding the left-hand side menu or by using the shortcut CTRL + K.

From there, type in the phrase you are looking for and use the menu on the right to refine your search.

Sharing Customized Board Views

teamhood version 1.60

Another improvement you will find in Teamhood version 1.60 is the ability to share your customized board views via a link. To do so, open the quick menu next to the view’s name and choose the option to share. You will see an icon appear next to the view name as long as the link is active and you can stop sharing at any time.

Use this to share your work with people outside of your team or organization and update them on the progress.

Configurable Field – Completion Mark

complete button remove

Lastly, with the latest release, you can decide whether the ‘Completion Mark’ button is shown on the items. This selection is available for the 3 main views – Kanban, Gantt, and List.

To adjust your preferences, open the ‘Customize’ menu and define your selection for the ‘Completion Mark’ field. Do not forget to save your preferences so they remain the same for the next time you use the view.

Curious to learn what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page or review previous release notes to see what you might have missed. Or if you have ideas for what features we should add to Teamhood, follow the link below.

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