Teamhood version 1.63

Teamhood version 1.63 is now live introducing the Gantt view V3.

In this release, you will also find Fullscreen mode for Gantt, improved details for synced items, and a new custom field – User.

Continue reading to learn more about the new features.

Gantt View V3

gantt view teamhood version 1.63

The biggest change we have added to Teamhood version 1.63 is the Gantt view V3. Together with the improvements made in the previous release, we have updated the whoe Gantt view to make it easier to use and visualize your projects.

The left side of the Gantt view now resembles a data table, allowing you to structure the information easily. While the right side was just updated to visualize your items in a clearer way. Here are some of the updates you will notice:

Fullscreen Mode for Gantt

gantt view fullscreen

To make using the updated Gantt view even easier, we have included the fullscreen mode in this release. Quickly maximize the view to see more details and discuss progress with your team.

Synced Item Improvements

synced items

Another change you will find in Teamhood version 1.63 is related to the synced items. Now, by creating a synced item, you are able to copy more of the original information. Making it easier to ensure you have corresponding data in all copies.

Here are the added fields:

New Custom Field – User

user custom field

Lastly, in this release, you will find a new custom field – User. This field can be modified just like any other custom field and allows you to add more information about the team members. Use this field to track who is working on the item at the specific moment, who is the owner of the item, who represents the client, etc.

This new field will not provide item notifications, but you will be able to choose from the workspace user list, just as you would when assigning an item.

Curious to learn what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page or review previous release notes to see what you might have missed. Or if you have ideas for what features we should add to Teamhood, follow the link below.

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