Teamhood version 1.7

E-mail notification management, recurrence start date, recurrence type seen in item details and numerous smaller improvements.

E-mail notification management

email notification management teamhood version 1.7

Take control of your e-mail notifications with Teamhood version 1.7. From now on you can pick and choose which notifications will be sent to your inbox, and which you will only see in the workspace. Mark ‘Send email notifications’ at the top to get all of the notifications, or pick and choose which information you want to get as an e-mail. Making your inbox less cluttered and the information in your inbox more useful.

Set a recurring start date for items

recurring start date

With teamhood version 1.7 managing recurrences becomes even easier. Now you can set a recurring start date in the item details, making it easier to create and manage recurring tasks. This way, the tasks will not only recur on the task board, but it will also recur on the Timeline. Allowing to plan ahead more effectively and seeing the actual workload of the team at all times.

Start date recurrence

Check recurrence type in item details

Teamhood version 1.7 reccurence check

To help you navigate the recurrences even better, in the Teamhood version1.7 you can quickly check on the selected type. Simply open the item details and if a recurrence is set, instead of ‘Set recurrence’ you will see the type that has been selected. Letting you know how often this task has to be repeated without overwhelming you with additional details that may be irrelevant at the moment. This is meant to help you check the information quickly and keep on working.

Numerous smaller improvements and bug fixes included

Just like previous Teamhood releases, Teamhood version 1.7 comes in with various small improvements and bug fixes. They aim to make your experience of using Teamhood better and to make sure your project management efforts succeed.

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