Teamhood version 1.76

Teamhood has just been updated to make your work even smoother. Here are the latest additions:

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Archiving workspaces

archive workspace

The latest version of Teamhood, comes with expanded archiving options. Now you can archive entire workspaces for quicker and easier management of your projects.

To do so, open the workspace settings and then choose to ‘Archive workspace’. You will be able to see all archived workspaces in your company settings.

Multiple item drag & drop

multiple item drag and drop

Easily rearrange multiple items on your board by dragging and dropping them all at once. Use the multi-select tool to pick your items and then drag them to the desired spot.

No more changing the item location one by one, now you can do this a lot faster.

Cloning pages

clone apges

With Teamhood version 1.76, you can now easily replicate pages. Simply chose the page you want to copy, and select ‘Clone page’ from the quick action menu. All of the information, images, and even the cover image will be immediately cloned for further use.

Auto-hiding the single row on the board

auto hide board row teamhood version 1.76

Lastly, we now offer the option to automatically hide board rows, if your board only has 1 of them. This allows you for more space on the screen and eliminates the information that may not be necessary for your work.

Enable the auto-hide in the ‘Customize’ menu. Note that if you decide to auto-hide single rows, this will apply to Kanban, Gantt, and List views.

Curious to learn what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page or review previous release notes to see what you might have missed. Or, if you have ideas for what features we should add to Teamhood, follow the link below.

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