Teamhood version 1.8

Create favorite views, archive items, share task boards and reports outside of your team, enjoy an improved timesheet export and syntax highlighting in item details.

Favorite views

favorites teamhood version 1.8

Working with several boards or workspaces? Quickly finding the task board or the report you need may become a little harder. Teamhood version 1.8 has got you covered with favorite views. Choose which of the boards and reports are your favorites and they will appear in a separate ‘Favorites’ list on the left-hand side menu. You can pick the favorites from one or several workspaces and quickly navigate between them without having to remember which workspace to open. Making it easy to find what you need quickly.

Archive items

Archive view

After working on any project for a while you will start to see that the ‘Done’ section of your board is accumulating more and more items. To manage what you see, you can minimize the ‘Done’ section or delete the completed tasks. However, if the project continues you may need this data at some later point. Thus, Teamhood version 1.8 comes with an Archive feature. You can choose to archive any task by pressing the button in task details or the quick item menu. This way, instead of being deleted it will be moved to the archive view with a possibility to restore at a later point.

In the Archive, tasks are grouped by workspaces and the date they were archived. You can also use the search and quickly find the work item you need by its name.

 Shareable views

shareable views

Need to quickly share your board or report view with someone? Teamhood version 1.8 introduces shareable views exactly for this purpose. Hover over the task board or report name in the left-hand side menu and press on ‘share’. Teamhood will generate and automatically copy a link that you can share with anyone. As long as the link is active you will see a sharing icon next to the board or report name. If you wish to stop sharing, simply hover over the name once more and press ‘ stop sharing’.

Improved timesheet export

teamhood version 1.8 timesheet

With Teamhood version 1.8 exporting time tracking data has just become easier. What you see on the Teamhood screen is what you will get in the exported file. Therefore you can use the various Teamhood filters like dates, boards, users, and tags to visualize and export the data just the way you like it. The exported file will look just like the view you create in Teamhood.

 Syntax highlight in item details

syntax highlighting

For those working with programming languages such as HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, C#, Java, Python, and others, Teamhood version 1.8 comes in with another handy feature – syntax highlighting. From now on, programming text written or copied into item details will show up with different colors allowing for easier reading and editing. Thus, sharing your code becomes easier.

A variety of bug fixes and performance updates

Teamhood version 1.8 also carries various small bugfixes and performance updates to ensure your project management experience does not disappoint. We are constantly working on improving both the features and the performance to get you the best product.

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