Teamhood version 1.9

Projects portfolio, item count in columns, editable workspace icon and color, customizable work hours in Workload, item details in Archive, new side menu, and increased comment symbol limit.

Projects Portfolio

teamhood version 1.9 portfolio

Teamhood version 1.9 comes in with quite a few changes, but without a doubt, the biggest one of them is Projects Portfolio. This is a feature especially useful for those working in a multi workspace environment and with multiple teams as it allows to have a Portfolio overview of all the projects in one place.

Here, you can easily create new projects, plan out their phases within a Gantt chart and then specify those phases with tasks for your team to perform. Control the level of detail you want to see by expanding or collapsing project phases and define how tasks are completed by drawing dependencies for your teams. Dependencies can be set between tasks and phases, giving you full control of what is going on.

Item count in column headers

teamhood version 1.9

Teamhood version 1.9 makes it even easier to control how your team works on executing tasks, by displaying the item count in each column header. Now you can easily check how many items are in progress at any moment and control the WIP limit to make sure your team stays productive throughout the project.

Editable workspace icon and color

workspace icon and color

No more getting lost among numerous workspaces. In the workspace settings, you can now choose to change the workspace avatar. Pick from one of the predefined colors and a variety of icons to create an avatar that helps you recognize the purpose of each workspace faster. With this small, but fun customization, navigating between workspaces can become much easier.

Customize work hours in Workload

teamhood editable work hours

Most of us are working flexible hours these days, thus, Teamhood version 1.9 brings the ability to customize the workable hours for your team. In the workload view, press ‘Edit’ next to each team member, and you will be able to edit the hours and days they are working. Edit the overall amount of hours they work in a week, choose which days of the week they are able to work, and set specific hours for each of them. Instead of giving everyone 40 hours a week and 8 hours a day, you can now specify each team member’s availability and use Workload view to plan more accurately.

Item details view in Archive

teamhood version 1.9 archive

Teamhood version 1.9 comes in with an improved Archive view. From now on, you can open and inspect the item details of all archived tasks. You will be able to see their name, description, schedule, and other details that may come in handy at a later date. Making it easy to browse and find information in the Archive view.

Improved side-menu navigation

teamhood version 1.9 side menu

Another improvement in Teamhood version 1.9 is the side menu. From now on, you will find Notifications and Portfolio view in the side menu, making the navigation even easier. Quickly add boards to your workspace by pressing on the plus sign next to the workspace name and search the whole workspace in the search bar below. Most of your controls are in the side menu now, making it even easier to navigate and quickly find everything you need.

Increased comment symbol limit

teamhood comment symbols

Lastly, you can forget worrying about the length of your comments. In Teamhood version 1.9 the comment symbol limit has been increased from 500 to 2000. Thus, it is even easier to communicate accurately and mention everything you want to in one comment. From now on, tag everyone you need and structure comments as long as you need.

Curious about what else Teamhood can do? Visit our Features page for full info or review previous release notes.

Also, here is a short video on getting started with Teamhood for those of you that have not created your workspace yet.

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