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Project management

Build actionable project plans, vizualize and engage your team. Adjust plans to changing circumstances and complete your projects on time.

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Engineering project management

Streamline collaboration and deliver predictable results. Customize your boards easily to reflect your processes end-to-end. From design to customer approval.

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Remote team management

Make your meetings more effective and save time for your team. Vizualize plans and engage your team, so priorities are clear and everyone is on the same boat.

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Accounting and Financial Services

Take full control of your operations and customer service. Measure performance of your teams and balance workloads.

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Plan, manage and deliver campaigns. Keep track of all media channels. Engage your team and keep all your ideas in one place.

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Furniture manufacturing

Visualize process from order to delivery. Ensure quality – list and track all the details. Control workloads, schedule and deliver on time.

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Teamhood is a project management and task management solution that helps companies to streamline business processes and deliver results faster. Teamhood is designed for professional teams seeking efficiency at work and full empowerment of their talents. Teamhood provides workspaces, customized kanban boards with fine-tuned time tracking, collaboration functionalities as well as visual agile metrics reporting.
Teamhood is developed by Eylean, a project management software company since 2011. Eylean products are valued by its numerous customers globally such as Mercedes AG, Festool, Johnson&Johnson, Rabobank and others.

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