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Task management for Accounting and Financial Services​

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Clearly represent all of your tasks and processes in one board. Always know what is happening and ensure all process steps are completed.

Track Time

Track time spent on the work items. Better predict project completion and evaluate profitability by comparing estimates to tracked time.
Customize Your Needs

Create Templates

Use work item templates for repetitive tasks and easily duplicate work processes in new teams work space templates.


Use a visual timeline with dependencies to plan and schedule work items.

Teamhood is very easy to learn and has all the essential features for professional business management

Simplify Control of Your Processes

Take advantage of Kanban task boards to visualize your processes and keep track of your tasks. Create separate boards for different processes in your company – like accounting, HR, sales activities. You can even create a read-only board for company documentation. Use Teamhood features to classify your tasks according to your needs. For example – you can use tags for customer names. Then to analyze activities for each customer just use the “filter by tag” filter.  You can use rows (swimlanes) for weeks, if your processes are tied around weekly routines. Then you keep good track on operational quality with Your team.

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Plan the Work Ahead​

Use Timeline to lay out your plans and define the work order using task dependencies. Similar to a Gantt chart, this allows you to create realistic plans and estimates, but is more simplified and intuitive than the well known project management tool. Just create tasks with one click, drag them according to required deadlines, and connect dependencies clicking on blue bubbles by their sides. You can also easily note down employee vacations and filter the timeline by team members to ease resource allocation.

Teamhood timeline user

Keep Everything in One Place

Enhance your tasks with additional information – attach files and comments, estimate duration and track time. Assign tasks to team members and they will be notified of any changes. If you work on report that involves contributions from other team members, create subtasks and assign them to colleagues. Share all your files related to report connected to the task. Reduce the time spend on searching for documents, focus on the most important work. And more than this – when you break tasks down into smaller items you will track the progress more accurately and know when a task should be completed.



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Track time and evaluate results in Timesheets

Choose the way you like to track time – live when working on a task or by providing information once you finish working. No matter the method, all data is accumulated in Time Sheet report so you can easily compare it to the estimates. Filter by project, team or employee to get all the information you need.

Teamhood timesheet accounting

Review Team and Individual Performance​

Take advantage of the built-in reports to measure both – team and individual performance. Compare estimations to actual time spent on tasks and review the amount of tasks and timeline for each team member. You will immediately know when the work has to be redistributed to balance the workload. Check late tasks at anytime and engage your team to take action.

You can also use time reports to serve your customers – inform on the status and provide billing.

Teamhood dashboard



Make Your Processes a Stream with Teamhood

Enjoy easy visual process management and easy communication with clients

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Teamhood is a hyper visual project and team management solution that helps companies to streamline business processes and deliver results faster. Teamhood is designed for professional teams seeking efficiency at work and full empowerment of their talents. Teamhood provides workspaces, customized boards with fine-tuned time tracking, collaboration functionalities as well as visual agile metrics reporting.
Teamhood is developed by Eylean, a project management software company since 2011. Eylean products are valued by its numerous customers globally such as Mercedes AG, Festool, Johnson&Johnson, Rabobank and others.

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