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How does Teamhood help marketing teams to perform better?

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Easily design plans for your strategic initiatives, campaigns or channels
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Collaborate with your teams, allign all actions and easily adapt to market changes
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Analyze campaign performance and improve. Track time of your teams and compare to estimations.
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Collaborate on visual boards, get teams and stakeholders engaged and always keep track of progress.

Win in the face of changes

Dynamic boards allow managers to set priorities and then transform them to action plans. And nothing is fixed until done. Market demand changes and you can redefine priorities immediately. As well as adopt your plans.

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Build dynamic campaign plans

Teamhood Timeline view allows marketing teams to visualize their campaign plans and resource occupation. You can create new tasks straight on a timeline with just one click, add needed information, drag it according to required deadlines and add dependencies to other tasks. You will identify potential bottlenecks in Timeline and ensure completion of campaigns on time.

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Streamline collaboration

Spend less time on revisions and approvals, focus on the most important – deliverables. Take your team stand-ups with the boards open. Make adjustments straight on the board, timeline or task card. Keep all information related to each task in one place. The team will then be informed, keep track of the progress and remain engaged. In case of any issues check item backlog and track back every step related to a task.

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Improve predictability and consistency

Get more value of time tracking feature by comparing actual time spent on various tasks against estimates made in the plans. Do it continuously and improve predictability of your plans, consistency of performance, teamwork balance and avoid burnouts.

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Make your Marketing Team the Champion!

Enjoy visual campaign management and smooth team collaboration

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