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How does Teamhood help remote teams perform better?

  • Visualize plans
  • Track status and measure performance
  • Keep energy up and improve
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Visualize plans

Use shared boards and timelines in your meetings, get everybody on the same boat
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Track status and measure performance

Update statuses and collaborate asynchronously, be aware of statuses anytime
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Keep energy up and improve

Manage workloads, adjust processes to improve productivity

Reduce time for meetings

Use visual Kanban Boards to prepare for the meetings. Update status of items and define priorities. Take only first priority items for discussions in a meeting.

Take your meetings with the shared boards. The visualized picture of your entire work ecosystem will get your team on the same boat and engaged for achievement.

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Visualize your work

Keep your team on track with your plan. Teamhood provides a shared timeline to visualize your plans. Set deadlines, estimate time, set responsibilities and dependencies. Unexpected circumstances or incidents? Make the necessary changes to the plan instantly while collaborating in real-time with your team.

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More details – less mistakes

Share all information related to assignments or work items in one place – an item card. Leave comments, estimate time, track time spent, attach files, update status – share all information right away and access it when needed. Asynchronous communication helps remote workers avoid distraction and concentrate on getting the most important work done. Having all information in one place makes remote team management easier.


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Measure performance and improve

If your team actively uses Teamhood for organizing their work, our tool will reward all of you with valuable reports, that will help your team grow it’s performance capabilities.

Agile metrics report will provide complete-on-time ratios, item funnel, time to complete percentiles, and other valuable insights. These metrics help teams to become more focused, deliver faster, identify bottlenecks and make decisions on what and how to improve and become a high performing team.


Teamhood agile metrics

Which Team is yours?

And here is the fun part. Complete the 18 questions quiz and find out what kind of remote team you are. Maybe well-equipped golfers or maybe a passionate football team that needs just a ball and a square of flat land to master your game? The test might also give you some hints on how to improve your remote team management and routines.

Try it out with all your team members. It is important, that all of you play the same game, not different ones.

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Make your team a Champion!

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