Visual Work Management

Manage your backlog like never before

Teamhood’s Advanced Kanban board allows to structure complex backlogs or roadmaps with ease. The most common limitation of digital Kanban tools is column-only structure. Input buckets with more than 20 items become difficult to visualize, requires extensive scrolling. Teamhood delivers freedom to prioritize and plan the way you would do on a white board.


✅   Extend width of columns to fit more items if needed

✅   Use rows for features or user stories to categorize items

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A tool that scales together

Teamhood boards are connected.


This means you can extend your process across several boards. When items are prioritized in backlog, move them to dedicated analysis, design and then – development boards. Item details, files  and all activity log will travel together. Teamhood visual work management solution emphasizes makes your process easy, save time every day.


📌  Make teamwork transparent. Tame large projects with ease.

📌  Continuously improve your process with flexible Kanban structure.

Moving to other board

Develop with ease

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Manage end-to-end process

Visualize backlogs, prioritize at scale and deliver on time

Save time

Start easily, save time on documenting work and focus on value
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Improve efficiency

Take measures and get insights how to improve

Businesses benefiting from our solutions

Complete projects on time

Teamhood Timeline delivers even more value than a traditional Gantt chart, but at the same time it is super-easy to use.


Your tasks created on boards are reflected on visual timelines making it easy to plan and evaluate deadlines. You can create new items and work on their details right on the Timeline. Board or Timeline to track your work? It is the choice of yours and of your team.


Move tasks or task groups easily and manage dependencies by click&drag.

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Actionable Agile metrics

If your team will take full advantage of work management  in Teamhood, agile metrics will provide valuable insights into performance of your team and team members.


You can track time to completion, backlog growth and success of achieved deadlines.


Teamhood will offer suggestions what to do next to improve your future results.

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Visualize progress with dashboards

Track progress, configure workspaces and customize to any team needs. Teamhood offers flexible workspaces structure.

AAM total progress

Save your team a hassle

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