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One tool for a full Agile lifecycle

  • Roadmap planning
  • Scalable backlog
  • Sprints
  • User stories
  • Performance metrics
  • Issue tracking
  • Integrations

Roadmap planning

Keep your teams, stakeholders and partners on track. Visualize your roadmap on Gantt charts. Structure it into stages and child levels to benefit for both – strategic and operational purposes.

teamhood gantt

Scalable backlog

Make a structure for your backlog. Classify items in columns, rows, colours or tags. Set clear priorities even within large amount of items.

Backlog agile software


Deliver often and early. Create sprints, track execution and measure your team performance metrics. Become a better performing team after each sprint.

Sprints agile

User stories

Split user stories into smaller tasks to ensure clarity and timely delivery. Track tasks in an operational level. Make sure quality and details are managed.

User stories agile

Performance metrics

Improve your team performance by taking use of the agile metrics dashboard. Spot the bottlenecks, investigate possibilities to improve time to market, or balance your backlog.

actionable agile metrics

Issue tracking

Receive bug inquiries from anyone in the organization or by email from your customers. Use rows, tags, colours to categorize bugs. Receive notifications to control bug tracking process.

bug fixing issue tracking


Integrate Teamhood with your favorite chat apps or Office365 business suite. Leverage Single Sign On (SSO) and SCIM integrations for Enterprise user. Or connect Teamhood to 3500+ most popular tools via Zapier or Open API.

teamhood integrations

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Why technical managers love Teamhood?


Thomas Miramond

Head of Preclinical


Great Agile tool for collaborative work and tasks management. Easy to track tasks, generate Gantt, follow the workload and monitor macro budget or metrics report. Reactive support and great overall service level.


Aqua Zumaraite

CX and Marketing Manager

As a tech startup, having a clear project management tool and plan is really important. Teamhood has helped us with our daily tasks, weekly catchups and most importantly transparency and productivity in the company.


Joe Ferris

Senior Software Manager


Teamhood delivers a more realtisic option for Companies that want to practice Agile ways of working. It captures the key elements of Agile and the fundamental elements of Kanban, visibility and communication methods.

Retrospectives in Teamhood

The purpose of Agile is continuous improvement. Retrospectives are done to outline the achievement and improvement points. Make your retrospectives actionable by using a dedicated board. Document improvement items in detail and keep track of commitments.

retrospective retrospective retrospective

How agile teams benefit from Teamhood

  • Product managers
  • Stakeholders
  • Scrum masters
  • Development teams

Product managers

  • Product roadmap visualization
  • Product backlog management, prioritization
  • Full visibility of product development



  • Full transparency of project information
  • Time savings due to clarity and therefore reduced meetings
  • Possibility to take active role



Scrum masters

  • Full control of sprints
  • Team workload management
  • Connecting all ceremonies into one system

Development teams

  • Clarity of work to be done, agenda always at hand
  • Good understanding of full project scope
  • One tool for collaboration and performance measurement

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Kanban, Scrum or Scrumban – Choice is yours

  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Scrumban
  • Estimations
  • Dashboards
  • Daily agenda


Advanced Kanban board was developed with the purpose to help manage large amounts of items. There is no other tool able to categorize items in so many ways – columns, rows, child items, colours, tags, etc.

kanban boards for process mapping


Plan and track sprints to reach your end goals. Visualize product scope, sprints and operation flow in one board, the place where all scrum roles collaborate.

scrum board agile


Build your boards to adopt to any processes – long term or short term planning, prioritiziation or execution.

Scrumban agile


Make all your work measurable. You can choose to estimate item value in hours, money or story points. And the same goes for child and any level of grandchild items.

estimations agile


20 seconds overview of your team performance. How far is your team with it’s work?  Which items are late?  How each of you are moving forward?


Daily agenda

Make your daily stand-ups machine-gun-fast! “My agenda” is the place for everyone to load before the meeting and come prepared.

personal agenda

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