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Fully featured, intuitive frontend on top of Azure DevOps

Create plans with Gantt

Teamhood offers powerful combination of Kanban and Gantt to tackle sophisticated planning needs.


Visualize work with Kanban

Employ a unique approach to work item hierarchy presentation. Remove clutter and complexity from your daily work.

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Organize resources with Workload

Cross project resource management can finally be done painlessly. Be it people or machinery.

multi workspace report workload

Manage backlogs with Lists

Create formulas or custom fields with ease. Make your work item data pop!

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Log time with Tracker

Integrated and intuitive time tracker reduces the risk of forgetting to log time. Easy reporting included.

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Create documentation with Pages

Capture essential knowledge about projects and teamwork. A true all-in-one system.

project wiki

Upstream and downstream at a single glance

Visualize and simplify your workflow with nested swimlanes.

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How does it work?

With Teamhood’s code driven approach put a powerful and user friendly frontend on top of your Azure DevOps work item store.
Easy to start, fully customizable!

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Created for speed, ease of use and flexibility

Continuously improved product

We deliver product updates every 2 weeks. No Agile preaching, just pure doing.

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One-click away actions

User experience first approach ensures that your daily actions in Teamhood are one click away.

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Fully customizable views

You can fine tune and personalize or standartize any view in Teamhood.

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Feature toggles

Keep the tool lean, fine tune the features you prefer and hide the rest.

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Leverage Teamhood’s powerful Open API or connect with other tools via Zapier no-code solution.

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Why professionals choose Teamhood?

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