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Prioritize items with Custom fields

Prioritize your tasks and ideas by visualizing their information in List view. Add in custom fields to give you all information needed for prioritization in one place.

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Plan out projects with clear Dependencies

Move your priorities into actionable plans and set clear deadlines by using the Gantt chart. Set dependencies, mark the baseline and get to work with a clear plan at hand.

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Track daily operations on Visual boards

Improve daily task management and tracking visual with Kanban boards. Switch between Gantt and Kanban views instantly and view the same information in the most convenient way.

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Separate planning and execution

Create separate boards for backlog management and work tracking. Keep both boards empty of unnecessary information and optimized for the specific process.

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Calculate priority scores

Take advantage of the formula field to calculate priority scores for backlog items. Apply RICE, ICE, and other techniques with ease.

RICE calculations

Collaborate with your team

Use item details, comments, and mentions to discuss the importance of all items in one place. Once an item is moved into planning all previous information will still be seen.

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Reasons to choose Teamhood as your Backlog software?

Easy and flexible

  • Custom fields
  • Board setup to fit your process
  • Priority formula calculation

Multiple views for your information

  • Interchangeable views – List, Gantt, Kanban
  • Personal or limited access boards
  • Portfolio overview of all projects

Collaboration features

  • Notify team members of new information by tagging them in comments
  • Write and share project Documentation
  • Categorize work items with the help of tags, swimlanes and custom fields

Why team leaders choose Teamhood?

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