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Unique approach to Kanban project management

Kanban system reinvented

Teamhood offers unique Kanban Board structure of status groups, nested swimlanes and rows.

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Feature toggles

You decide which features you want to use. Keep Teamhood minimalistic or make it a powerhouse.

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Rich Kanban cards

You are in full control how your work items look. Teamhood makes work data viewing and input a breeze.

kanban rich cards

Agility and flow metrics

Streamline continuous work process improvement with actionable metrics and dashboards.

Performance metrics teamhood

Full project lifecycle in one system

Create plans with Gantt

Teamhood offers powerful combination of Kanban and Gantt to tackle sophisticated planning needs.


Track progress with Kanban

Visualize your process flow at a single glance. We focus on visual representation over plain text.

Kanban swimlanes phases

Manage backlogs with Lists

Still in love with spreadsheets? Import them to Teamhood and squeeze full value from your data.

project management templates

Organize resources with Workload

Cross project resource management can finally be done painlessly. Be it people or machinery.

multi workspace report workload

Log time with Tracker

Integrated and intuitive time tracker reduces the risk of forgetting to log time. Easy reporting included.

teamhood time tracker

Create documentation with Pages

Capture essential knowledge about projects and teamwork. A true all-in-one system.

project wiki

Manage Azure DevOps work items

Leverage our powerful and customizable code driven two-way integration with Azure Devops. Business + Engineering + Teamhood =❤️

teamhood azure devops integration

Created for speed, ease of use and flexibility

Forget Jira and import data

Teamhood offers flexibledata import to make tool switching effortless.

import wizard

One-click away actions

User experience first approach ensures that your daily actions in Teamhood are one click away.

teamhood user experience


Integrate Teamhood with your daily business tools. Connect with 3500+ B2B products via Zapier.

teamhood integrations


Leverage Teamhood’s Open API or connect with other tools via Zapier no-code solution.

teamhood open api

Why professionals choose Teamhood?

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