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Gantt Charts & WBS

Manage your project plans and dependencies with Teamhood Gantt Chart. Visualize project phases or all projects at once. Teamhood offers flexibility and ease of use for everyone.


Project Portfolio

PMO can organize projects and project programs at a single glance. Each portfolio project can group work items that later get delegated to functional teams, keeping people aligned and priorities up to date.

Project portfolio teamhood

Team Kanban Boards

Choose from a variety of templates or customize your own board, to fit your project flow and processes best. Use separate boards for larger projects and rows for their phases. Each board is a fully featured Kanban system!

task management

Powerful Task Relations

Connect your high level milestones with everyday tasks accross the organization with Teamhood item relations.

Teamhood task dependencies

Project Documentation

Bring your work documentation as close as possible to actual work. Unify full projects lifecycle in one system. Share documentation with your clients.

project wiki

For Office365 users

Interact with Teamhood directly from Microsoft Teams. Use same login details for Office365 and Teamhood as a Single Sign On solution. Import data from Excel sheets or MS Project.

teams teamhood

Workload Management

Accurate task estimations will enable the use of workload management. Balance your resources, avoid or crush bottlenecks and reach your goals on time.

multi workspace report workload

Time tracking and reporting

Open item to start working and launch the time tracker. Or log in the time spent. Compare to estimates and get insights for better planning in the future.

kanban time tracking


Integrate Teamhood with your favorite chat apps or Office365 business suite. Leverage Single Sign On (SSO) and SCIM integrations for Enterprise user. Or connect Teamhood to 3500+ most popular tools via Zapier or Open API.

teamhood integrations

Why professionals choose Teamhood?

teamhood reviews teamhood reviews teamhood reviews

Unique approach to Kanban project management

Kanban system reinvented

Teamhood offers unique Kanban Board structure of status groups, nested swimlanes and rows.

asana kanban alternative

Feature toggles

You decide which features you want to use. Keep Teamhood minimalistic or make it a powerhouse.

feature toggles teamhood

Rich Kanban cards

You are in full control how your work items look. Teamhood makes work data viewing and input a breeze.

kanban rich cards

Agility and flow metrics

Streamline continuous work process improvement with actionable metrics and dashboards.

Performance metrics teamhood

Designed for business teams like yours

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Make your project plan adjusments effortless during these fast-paced times
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Align limited resources accross your projects and deliver on time
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