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Project Planning

Keep your teams, clients and partners on track. Visualize your projects on Gantt charts. Structure it into stages and child levels to benefit for both – strategic and operational purposes.

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Kanban task management

Perform daily task tracking with unique two dimensional Kanban Boards

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Time Tracking

Use native and integrated time tracking to measure effort. Compare to actual plans, calculate costs inside Teamhood. Share it with your clients.

teamhood time tracking

Resources and Workload

Visualize your teams schedule. Identify opportunities for new projects. Level workload among the specialists. Execute schedule changes fearlessly.

multi workspace report workload

Performance metrics

Improve your team performance by taking use of the agile metrics dashboard. Spot the bottlenecks, investigate possibilities to improve time to market, or balance your backlog.

actionable agile metrics

Dashboards and Reporting

Involve your clients and make things transparent. Visualize work data with flexible dashboards and multi workspace reports.

OKR dashboard


Integrate Teamhood with your favorite chat apps or Office365 business suite. Leverage Single Sign On (SSO) and SCIM integrations for Enterprise user. Or connect Teamhood to 3500+ most popular tools via Zapier or Open API.

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How Agencies benefit from Teamhood?

Agency owners

  • Transparent, measurable work process
  • Profitability and cost tracking
  • Reports on historical data


  • Involvement into work process
  • Transparent progress views
  • Project dashboards

Team members

  • Optimized for fast work documentation
  • Integrated tools to reduce context switching
  • Easy to learn and use daily

3rd parties

  • Tailored roles to participate as a capable team member
  • Real time feedback loop and data sharing
  • Easy task lists for priorities

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