Performance Metrics

The Agile Metrics is an automatically generated report that represents your team’s progress.

Whether you know what Agile is or not, this report will bring you and your team a clear picture of how well everyone is doing and what needs to be improved to keep things more efficient. This report is ideal for teams that work on an iterative or monthly review basis.

actionable agile metrics

The Agile Metrics report includes the following metrics.

Items completed on time

This graph shows how many items has your team completed on time month by month as well as your average performance. Fluctuations in this graph signal there may be issues with performance or estimations.

Items age in progress

The second graph shows what is the average age in progress for the 70th, 80th, and 95th percentiles of total work items. Age in progress stands for all the time an item has been worked on.

The percentiles represent the percentage of total items. So, when we look at the 70th percentile, we know that 70% of items spend that amount of time in progress. Same with the 80th percentile and the 95th percentile.

Agile metrics

Time to complete

the third graph visualizes how much time it takes on average to complete 70-nth, 80-nth or 95-nth percentiles of total work items month by month. So again, when we look at the 70th percentile, we can draw a conclusion that for 70% of the planned work to be finished this amount of time has to be used.

New vs completed items

Shows the total number of newly created vs the total number of completed tasks. Allowing you to identify when to refresh your backlog with new items and when to let the team finish what is already planned.

Agile metrics 2

Total progress

This section highlights the total progress of the workspace against the 3 main criteria – numbers of items, estimated hours, and budget.

Agile metrics 3

Actionable items

Lastly, actionable items showcase which items should be completed first to improve the previous metrics. This is divided into three sections – suspended items, overdue items, and items aging in progress.

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