Timeline is one of the several workspace reports available in Teamhood. It is best suited for those who want to see and schedule project tasks on a calendar. Contrary to the Gantt view, here you can see all of the workspace boards in one place and easily set task dependencies between them.

Getting started

timeline view

Group by

Before you go ahead and start working on the Timeline report, here is how to make it your own. You can choose to group the work items in 3 ways – by rows, users, or tags. If you want to see work items separated by the task boards they are in, choose the grouping by rows. The other two options will aggregate all of the items found in the workspace depending on the user or tag.

Zoom mode

Also, you can choose what type of calendar view you want – daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Switch between these views as you plan out the project.

And now, you are ready to start adding work items. Simply pick a day and press on the calendar to add your tasks.


timeline view dependencies

One of the neat things about the Timeline report is that you can view and manage dependencies between different boards in the workspace. So you can coordinate several projects in one place.

Keep in mind that for the dependencies to show, the boards have to be expanded. The dependencies are hidden if you collapse a board or a row where the dependent item is stored. You can also turn off showing dependencies for the whole view when needed. This makes the Timeline report easier to read.


timeline view subtasks

Similarly to dependencies, you can choose whether you want to see subtasks in the Timeline report or not. When activated, they will be shown in a box under the parent item.

Just like with the parent tasks, subtasks must have a set schedule to be shown in the Timeline report. Otherwise, they will be invisible.

Time blocking

timeline view dates
Timeline view dependencies

Lastly, if you set specific dates for your rows, you will notice another neat feature of Timeline. It will automatically grey out the dates outside of the chosen time window. Moreover, in the Timeline report, you will not be able to add new work items to the greyed-out areas.

Use this neat little addition to make sure the schedules and timeframes of different projects are always clear for everyone involved.

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