Outlook Calendar

Import Microsoft Outlook calendar items into Teamhood in order to show them on your agenda, provide accurate workload measures and simply reduce switching between apps.

How to connect Office365 Outlook to Teamhood?

Open Teamhood workspace where you plan to import Outlook Calendar events.

1. Go to workspace settings and choose Calendar Integration.

image 5

2. Connect Office365 Outlook account using your Office365 credentials.

3. Choose which calendars to import

image 7

4. Choose which calendar event types to import (see event types list below)

image 8

5. Choose where calendar items will be placed. We recommend two options:
A) Create a dedicated personal workspace if you want events to appear only in item “My agenda” section
B) Put items into the team workspace in a dedicated board/row. if you want them to show up in workload or timeline reports

6. Decide whether you want to use some item template, for coloring, breakdown, or additional automation purposes.
7. Choose whether items should be assigned to you or someone else. You can create calendars on other people’s behalf.
8. Finish and sync ✅

How does it work?

Calendar events scoping

Teamhood queries selected Outlook Calendar(s) for selected event types from today to 3 months ahead. All matching events are imported and placed into selected Teamhood board and row.

If the event date and time have passed it is automatically marked as completed.

If the future event is changed it will be synchronized and updated in Teamhood as well.

Event types:

  • All-day events – events that have an “all day” flag set.
  • Appointments – calendar events where you are the only participant and the schedule is set to busy or out of office. All events with “Free” status will not be imported.
  • Meetings – events where you are an organizer or have accepted participation and there is more than one person

Updating items manually

⚠️ If you update the Teamhood item title, description, schedule, or estimation and that item is synced with Outlook – mentioned data will/can be overwritten during the next sync run.

How often data is synchronized?
Teamhood runs synchronization on an hourly basis to check for new or updated events


If your calendar integration stops working or you see a warning message – navigate to the workspace calendar integration page and see the error.
⚠️ If you need to reconfigure or update integration – delete the existing one and create a new one.

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